Holodrive is available on Steam Early Access!

We will let players in little by little, so join the waitlist to get a Steam Key!

Join our waitlist

Register your e-mail address to get a spot on the waiting list. When your turn arrives, you will get your key via email!

How it works

We will send out Steam keys frequently, in order of the sign-ups (first come, first served). So sign up early to get your key faster, and start playing!

It`s also worth noting that Holodrive will, at first, be paid on Steam Early Access. It will come with a bundle of items and an extra key to gift a friend. If you get a Key through the waitlist, you won’t have to purchase the game to play, but you can still buy the Early Access Supporter Pack (more info coming soon!) for some cool exclusive items and to support the devs :). Eventually, though, the game will be free for everyone to download.